Digital Vehicle Inspections in Rochester, MN

Vehicle Inspections in Rochester, MN - Babcock Auto Care

Your vehicle's health is Important

You rely on your vehicle a lot and with the extreme weather conditions in Rochester, MN along with the many miles you put on your vehicle, it's important to understand the changes in health your vehicle may have. It's also important to be informed of maintenance due as well as possible safety concerns of your vehicle or a vehicle you are considering purchasing. 

Our inspection services include:
    • Digital Inspections
    • Pre-purchase Inspection
    • Safety Inspection
    • Used Car Inspection
    • Vehicle Inspections

A good source for information on your vehicle’s inspection is the owner’s manual, which will contain factory recommendations for inspection intervals. But as you know, we experience extreme weather conditions in Rochester, MN. Because of this, manufacturer recommendations are not always accurate as they are generally guiding motorists who drive in less harsh climates. Based on experience and knowledge, our mechanics, some of the best in Rochester, use maintenance recommendations tailored to our climate as well as time and mileage so that we can better help you extend the life of your vehicle. 

In addition, we recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection before purchasing any used vehicle. This digital inspection will inform you of any underlying issues or future financial burdens that the vehicle may bring - allowing you to make an educated decision in whether or not to purchase the used vehicle.

Timely digital health inspections serve you well

Regular inspections help catch issues early on, which will save you money over time on larger repairs. If you suspect an issue with your vehicle or it has been a while since your last inspection, bring your vehicle into Babcock Auto Care in Rochester, MN. Our ASE certified technicians are experienced with all makes and models of vehicles and can perform regular vehicle inspections, used car inspections, pre-purchase inspections, and safety inspections. 

A good rule of thumb to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance is to have an inspection performed at every oil change. However, if you ever notice a strange symptom with your vehicle before you are due for a service, it is important to bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as possible. Driving your vehicle when there is an issue can make the problem worse, more expensive to repair and can also put your safety at risk. 

How we take care of your vehicle

At Babcock Auto Care, we care for people and fix cars. In taking the best care of people (our team and our customers), we have worked hard to make the experience the best we can and that includes staying on the cutting edge of technology. As one of the first auto repair facilities in our area to implement digital vehicle inspections and move to a paperless shop - using incredible technology to assist our mechanics, service advisors and customers, we have made great strides in improving the auto repair process with this technology.

When you bring your vehicle to Babcock auto care, our mechanics perform a courtesy comprehensive health inspection, looking for safety and drivability issues. They also digitally document maintenance services recommended based on history, time and mileage. These inspections include images/videos of the parts of your vehicle that need attention. 

Our service advisors then assess the inspection results in order to understand the overall health of your vehicle and estimate the services recommended by our mechanics. At that point, they are able to guide you and prioritize both repairs and maintenance needed. 

Using digital inspections helps us be completely transparent with our customers. You are able to see what we see and make informed decisions based on the needs of your vehicle. 

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