Dear Katie, I cannot tell you how terribly your review has affected our team, especially after thoroughly looking into your complaints. I have had to pray before responding so that I do so out of love and grace rather than in anger. Even now, my heart races in hurt for what is spoken about us in your review when compared with the truth of the matter. I will speak to your points, and hope to do so in kind with facts and truth in love. I have reviewed your repair order, the technician notes, the digital inspection and the phone calls associated with this visit. First, we legally record all phone calls (like most auto repair shops in Rochester, MN) to ensure excellent quality service. This allows us to be sure every single person is well cared for. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, WE HAVE ATTACHED YOUR PHONE CALL TO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE FOR YOUR REVIEW. 

We CARE For PEOPLE & Fix Cars here at Babcock Auto Care. That includes ALL people no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious or political views, etc. You mention in your review here as well as the one on Facebook that you were taken advantage of as a woman. I would most certainly like to invite you in for a private conversation with myself, my husband and your service advisor, Ben so that you can help us understand how this could be. I have listened to the phone call many times and in my opinion, and as a female, I do not understand how you were taken advantage of. Let’s review.

You brought your 2006 Nissan Maxima into our shop at 11am and Ben called you with our mechanic’s findings at 2:18pm. This is 3 hours and 18 minutes, not 6 hours as you state.  You are correct in saying that you asked us to diagnose the cause of the issues you were having with the transmission and rotten egg smell. We looked into both of these issues and we charged the normal diagnostic fee. The total charge was $129.60, not $200 as you state. The transmission was not slipping at the time of inspection though our mechanic drove it for 22 miles. There was a slight shutter when shifting into overdrive but he did not notice the jerking when decelerating at low speeds. Our mechanic did confirm the rotten egg smell from the exhaust. In assessing both of these issues, he performed several tests on your vehicle in order to determine any problems within.

We were honest with you in what we were able to assess and confirm/not confirm at the time of diagnosis. Had we wanted to take advantage of you, we most certainly could have made up the cause and charged for repairs or services that were unneeded or simply thrown parts at it in hopes that we fixed the problems. This is not how we take care of people or fix cars. Instead we told you the truth. During the phone call Ben explained to you the following: The transmission fluid was extremely dirty from neglect and it was recommended that we perform a transmission fluid exchange. After that you said “I checked it too and it kind of had that burnt-ish smell to it”. Because of how dirty it was, he explained the cleaner, fluid and conditioner we use in order to flush all of the bad fluid out and he also told you that more fluid may be needed to ensure it would be cleaned well. He also said “there is a CAT cleaning procedure I can do” that would “blow chemicals directly through the throttle body that decarbonizes the motor and cleans the CAT out”. To which you responded “I was kind of like wondering, if like, I just like, if I keep pinning it every so often, what are the odds that it will clean itself out?”  After that, he explained how the entire CAT cleaning procedure works in order to best take care of your Nissan. He then spoke of other issues with your vehicle including a control arm issue. You told him that you already knew about that issue, that you were short on time as far as your babysitter goes and that you were going to just come pick your vehicle up. You said you would be here in 10 minutes. Ben recommended that he first check to make sure the vehicle was ready before you came – he then confirmed that it would be ready in 15 minutes for pick up.

Can you please help us to understand how we took advantage of you as a female? Had we condemned your tranny back in April or now, it would have cost the same. Instead, we recommended services that could have helped the issues your vehicle was having. Had you had the services performed, likely your Nissan Maxima would be in much better health today.  Besides thorough auto repair, our company values include integrity, quality, respect, efficiency and positivity. This does not mean we never make mistakes, but when we do, we do the right thing. That’s integrity. If we made a mistake in this case as you suggested we did, we most certainly would have done the right thing had you reached out to us. If I were in your shoes, I would want my car fixed. Had I thought my cars issues was the fault of a business, I would contact them directly for help rather than slandering them across the internet. But what is true is, we did nothing wrong. You did not follow our recommendations and now your Nissan Maxima is worse for it.

As a woman and co-owner of this business, I am most proud of how wonderfully you were treated during your entire visit. I would certainly be happy to resend you the digital inspection we performed with mechanic notes, repair order with mechanic notes or recorded phone call in how awesome Ben was so that your memory can be refreshed and you might consider doing the right thing by removing this review, the one of Facebook, and wherever else you have posted it.

Like you, I was a single mom (while putting myself through college) so I understand how stressful car problems can be as I had many on my old Ford Taurus. I am sorry you are having this struggle now – especially in 2020 when there are so many other stressors. I have prayed for you, Katie and I hope you will be blessed in the outcome of your situation. If you would like to discuss any of this, I would be most happy to talk to you. You can reach me at 507-226-8330. Sincerely, Jeana Babcock

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