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Electrical System Diagnosis and Repair in Rochester, MN - Babcock Auto Care

Electrical system problems can be a cause for concern, especially when your car won’t start. At Babcock Auto Care in Rochester, MN, our ASE certified technicians are the experts when it comes to electrical system diagnosis and repair for all makes and models of vehicles. If you’re experiencing a problem with your car starting or staying on, lights, or other electrical components, we will perform a free battery and charging system test to determine if the issue is the battery, the charging system, or another component. We will figure out the exact cause of the issue and get you back on the road quickly. 

Our electrical system repairs include:
    • Belts
    • Electrical draws
    • Lighting
    • Starting & Charging Diagnosis

Problems starting your vehicle can be caused by a dead battery or an issue with the starting and charging system. If your vehicle’s battery is dead, your car won’t start and you may notice that other parts of your vehicle aren’t working, such as the radio and power locks. The regular life of a battery is typically between 3-5 years, but can vary depending on your vehicle. A problem with your starting and charging system can prevent the battery from receiving the proper charge and will also prevent your car from starting. Our diagnostics will figure out where the issue is stemming from and which parts need to be replaced or repaired.

Signs of a battery or charging system problem:
    • Battery light turns on
    • Car won’t start or turns off while driving
    • Dashboard lights are dim
    • Radio, power locks, or power windows not working
    • Vehicle cranks slowly

Any of the issues above are signs of a battery, alternator, or starting system problem. A faulty alternator can cause your battery to die unexpectedly. The alternator’s job is to recycle energy throughout your vehicle to help power your vehicle’s battery. A simple test at our shop can determine the issue and help us repair your vehicle quickly so you can get back on the road.

At Babcock Auto Care in Rochester, MN, we offer exceptional customer service and quality repairs. We are the real dealership alternative for all of your automotive needs. Our repairs and services are backed by an outstanding 3 year or 36,000-mile warranty. Our AAA-approved Rochester auto repair shop also has a comfortable customer lounge with free wifi and a courtesy shuttle service for local customers. 

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