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Duramax Engine Repair and Service in Rochester, MN - Babcock Auto Care

Your Duramax Engine is Important

With a goal to create a superior diesel to Dodge's Cummins engine and Ford's Powerstroke Engine, General Motors and Isuzu succeeded-revealing the Duramax in 2000. Being a vast improvement in the debut year to other diesel engines available, the aluminum-headed 6.6L Duramax V8 engine quickly became a favorite to many Chevy owners with its 300 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. Just like fine wine ... the Duramax has even improved with age while even meeting strict emissions requirements. Over 1.5 million Duramax engines have been produced since inception in Moraine, Ohio-keeping these beauties production in the USA

The LML Duramax engine lasted until about 2016, with its impressive 397 hp and 765 lb-ft of torque. At the time these numbers were incredible and the Duramax remained a favorite among many. However, GM went back to the drawing board with an insatiable desire to compete with the Cummins and Powerstroke and produced the L5P Duramax engine in 2017. Even more improved numbers were revealed with a horsepower at 445 and torque at 910 lb-ft. Not only was this L5P Duramax engine more powerful, but it is also almost 40% quieter. With the strength, power, efficiency, and durability of this engine, it's no wonder it's a favorite of Chevy and GMC owners.

Your 6.6 Liter Duramax L5P features:

  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System
  • Electronically controlled variable-geometry turbocharger
  • Venturi Jet Drain Oil Separator
  • Cold-start System - for better performance in cold weather
  • Cast-aluminum cylinder heads and a cast-iron block
  • Higher boost pressure for increased HP and torque
  • Lower exhaust emissions
  • Allison 1000 Series 6-speed automatic transmission

Timely Duramax Engine Repair & Service Will Serve You Well

Chevy and GMC diesel truck owners depend on their trucks for transportation as well as towing and many depend on it with their business fleets as well. With the expense and intricacy of the Duramax engine, it is a major consideration in upkeep throughout its life. Therefore, no matter if your purchased your Chevy or GMC diesel truck with a Duramax engine brand new, being the first to drive it off the lot or bought it used from another diesel lover, you paid a handsome price to be driving such a powerful machine over the Rochester roads. In order to protect your investment, having your Duramax engine serviced with scheduled maintenance and repairs in a timely fashion is essential.

Furthermore, as a resident of Rochester, MN we understand how severe weather affects your Duramax engine. Your owners manual will have a "severe duty" maintenance schedule that you follow not only if you drive in severe weather conditions but also if you:

  • Idle for excessive periods
  • Drive off-road or often use 4-wheel drive
  • Frequent towing/hauling
  • Frequent short trips or are turning your Duramax engine off/on frequently

How We Take Care of Your Duramax Engine

At Babcock Auto Care, we draw alongside you in your desire to keep your Duramax engine healthy for many years. Our advisors are knowledgeable in Duramax engine service and our diesel mechanics in Rochester, MN know how to keep your diesel truck purring at it's best. Conveniently located by the dealerships on the Northwest side of Rochester, we are your best dealership alternative to diesel repair and maintenance in Rochester, MN. Remember also the perks we offer to our customers - rewards, free shuttle, and the best warranty in Rochester, MN!

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These folks know what they are doing. It’s difficult to trust a service provider when you aren’t skilled in the discipline. Very transparent and very clear on cost and benefit. Thank you.
James Rogers
Friendly, Knowledgeable, Beautiful Facility, Owner On Site, Customer Service Reps. - Polite, knowledgeable, answered all of my questions. Courtesy Car Service, Free Coffee. A comfortable place to do business with confidence the service will be done correctly.
Dana Knaak
As always a very fantastic job had all my fluids changed in my Mercedes Benz and also an alignment.
Mike Wilson
Literally saved me from breaking down and not be able to get home. I am grateful for all you guys.
James Terry

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