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Tires in Rochester, MN


Building Relationships One Vehicle at a Time

"It is our joy to Build Relationships One Vehicle At A Time! In doing so, we have developed an outstanding team of customer service advisors and technicians who work hard to take care of you and your vehicle. We have designed our facility with you in mind, thinking of both convenience and comfort—hoping that you will feel at home the minute you walk through our doors. We look forward to your upcoming visit and thank you for allowing our team to take care of you and your vehicle(s)." - Jeremy & Jeana Babcock

Tire Services

Your tires are the only parts of your vehicle that are in constant contact with the road. It’s important to have the right tires for the proper conditions and have them in proper condition to keep you safe on the road. We deeply care about your safety and is why we strive to offer the best tire service in the area.

Services We Offer

  • Alignment
  • Balance
  • Rotation
  • Replacement
  • Patching/Fixing
  • Sales

Bald is NOT Beautiful – read more about the importance of your tire tread to your safety!


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Babcock Auto Care

Babcock Auto Care
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