Timing Belt Replacement, Rochester MN

Are you looking for “timing belt replacement” in Rochester, MN? In the case of this timing belt, the customer was lucky – the vehicle died and would not run. If the timing belt would have broken while driving, chances are, it would have caused major engine damage.


Over time, “timing belts” wear. The rate at which they wear is based on many factors including extreme weather conditions like what we experience in Rochester, MN. The cold and heat extremes affect the rubber material – causing problems. It is known that the timing belt is only good for so long – this is why timing belt replacement is recommended by your manufacturer at specific intervals as part of your scheduled maintenance—so they can be replaced before problems occur.


But what if you just leave it alone and replace the “timing belt” when it breaks? Is timing belt replacement necessary at the intervals recommended by your manufacturer? The answer is absolutely yes! If your timing belt fails, for any reason the result is likely major engine damage. The cost of repairing or replacing your engine far exceeds the “cost of timing belt replacement”.


You might wonder, “how much is a timing belt”. Just as with any mechanical service, this depends on the make and model of your vehicle, the difficulty and time associated with replacing it and of course, the quality of the part used to “replace the timing belt”.



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Babcock Auto Care, without exception has always gone above and beyond in the service of my family's vehicles. Ever helpful, understanding, knowledgeable, and professional are their service reps and techs. Jeremy and Jenna Babcock, and staff, I personally thank you for all you have done to keep our family's cars safe and running on the roads.
Mike Tesulov
Friendly, prompt, and transparent. Available and happy to answer questions on the diagnostic report that they text/email you. They offer further services and explain them well, but do not pressure you to opt for these services.
Brian Johnson
Brian, Thank you so much for your review and your first-time visit to us for auto repair in Rochester, MN! We are passionate about providing excellent service and we are glad you felt that when you brought your 2014 Toyota Tacoma in for an oil change and BG service. Please let us know how we can take care of your vehicle in the future! ~Team Babcock
I feel like family there. You know they really care about you and offer solid advise.
Jason Carey
Your front desk and courtesy car driver are the best. You honor your warranties and that speaks a lot.
Tom Miller
Very happy with the complete service I received. I especially liked the online report of my service with pictures of the service items that need replacement.
Jim Miesbauer

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