Teenage daughter full poem

My dear, sweet Briella,

You are becoming a lovely young woman

Right before my very eyes!

I want you to know how much you are loved,

That’s why I’ve prepared this surprise

It is my hope that when you enter,

Into your room each day

You will know without a doubt,

How often I think of you and pray

I pray that your heart will be protected

From the hurts that can come at school.

And that you will know deep in your heart

That you are a precious jewel!

God created your inmost being—

Knitting you together in my womb

How fearfully and wonderfully made you are!

It is such a joy to see you bloom.

I pray that in everything that you do,

You’ll see God’s glorious hand in your life.

And you’ll always be thankful to Him

For the times of goodness and of strife.

There will be days when friends are mean

Or peer pressure will tempt you to go astray.

But I want you to remember that you can choose “no”

And that you always have a say.

I pray that God will use your challenges

To open your eyes and see,

That through the trials He allows,

You’ll become the best that you can be.

Being a teen is not easy,

There is so very much to learn—

Like how to deal with changing emotions

Around each and every turn.

There will be times that you won’t know

What decision is the best.

That’s okay, it will come to you,

If in the Savior you will rest.

Then one day the boys will come,

Knocking fiercely at your door.

I’m sure they’ll want all of you

And then ask for even more.

In those anxious moments,

When you’re not sure just what to do,

Remember this poem I made for you

And to your faithful God be true.

You are an incredibly special girl,

You deserve respect and purity

Pray out loud to Jesus,

He’ll be your strength and security.

Try your best to protect the gift

That God has given to you

The blessings He will bestow forever

Are only received by a few.

Purity is not cherished today—

As God intended it to be.

Sex happens outside of marriage,

But that choice comes with a fee

It may not seem expensive,

With excitement and new bliss.

But I’m here to tell you it will come,

If you start to go past a kiss.

Once you give the gift away,

You can never get it back.

So protect it with all your might,

And don’t let Satan attack!

I feel it’s so important,

That I share all this right now.

So that you’ll keep the gift hidden away,

Until you make your marriage vows.

In this truth you can’t go wrong,

Any day of your special life.

From the blessed day your were born,

To the day that you become a wife.

I pray that in your life’s journey,

You will always feel my love.

And the love from your heavenly Father,

Who’s protecting you from above.

The Holy Spirit resides in YOU,

It’s the whisper within your soul.

He is the One Who will carry you through,

And help you reach your goals.

I pray that you’ll hear Him clearly,

No matter the good or bad to come.

For He is the One and Only,

You’ll get true satisfaction from.You see, my sweet, sweet daughter,

We are on earth for just one reason.

It is to know and serve our God—

To be a light for Him each season…

I pray that as life goes on,

When this world turns your attention away,

That you’ll quickly remember Who you serve,

And fall down to your knees and pray.

Jesus came so that we will have,

Someone to listen to our fears.

He hears you with a mighty heart,

And He will always dry your tears.

I pray that you’ll also remember,

That He has given me to you.

A mom that loves you more than you know,

One that loves you through and through.

Oh my precious daughter,

I’m here for you any hour of any day.

I’ll gladly do all that I can,

To help you know God’s perfect way.

I pray that as you go forth,

In this world, shining for God,

That you know you can’t be perfect,

In human form we are greatly flawed.

That is why Jesus died—

To save the sinners—you and me!

It is because of His sacrifice,

That we have been set completely free!

This is always the best news of all—

We have eternal life to come.

Be sure to live your days for God,

And remember Who you are from.

I hope you’ll tuck all these truths,

Deep down into your heart.

So that God will use you mightily,

And set you wonderfully apart.

As I painted and decorated,

Your warm and lovely room,

I prayed each moment for you,

And for your future groom.

I prayed that your path in life,

Would be straight and clearly lit—

That you will succeed in all you do,

And never ever quit.

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