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Do you know all about the fuel system of your vehicle? How does the fuel system work? What can go wrong with the fuel system? What can you do to best take care of the fuel system in your vehicle? As you travel the roadways of Rochester, MN it’s a good idea to know the answers to these questions so you can help keep your fuel system work well and last as long as possible.

The fuel system starts with the fuel tank—which you are familiar with since you fill it up on a regular basis. The fuel pump is located inside the tank and pumps fuel out to the engine. Within the fuel system sits a fuel filter—its job is to filter out dirt and debris before it gets to the engine. Next there is the fuel intake system and the fuel injectors that deliver the fuel to be burned in the engine.

One of the best things you can do for your fuel pump is to use good quality fuel. Top tier Rochester gas typically has fewer contaminants and more detergents to keep things clean. Using good gas, or adding a fuel system cleaner to your tank, can prolong the life of your fuel pump. Also, filling your tank back up when it’s at one-quarter tank is best practice so that your fuel pump stays submerged in the fuel—protecting it well, especially during the freezing winter months. Since the fuel pump lives inside your tank, you might wonder “how much does it cost to replace the fuel pump?” Or is it more “expensive to replace the fuel pump” because it sits inside another component? Cost varies per make/model vehicle because the process will differ in how accessible it is. It may be an even more labor-intensive task if there is a lot of rust present since it may take more time to access the fuel pump for replacement.  Babcock Auto Care will assess your vehicle and develop cost based on industry standards related to your particular make/model.

As mentioned, the fuel filter catches dirt and contaminants before they contaminate your engine. When it's clogged, your vehicle engine may not be able to get enough fuel and could sputter. Many fuel filters have a bypass valve that allows unfiltered fuel past when the filter's clogged. Bypassing prevents your engine from dying while you're driving around Rochester, but it can't protect your engine from dirty fuel. Check your owner's manual or talk with your friendly and knowledgeable service advisor at Babcock Auto Care about when you should replace your fuel filter.

As part of the normal burning process, fuel causes varnish deposits to build up in the fuel intake system. Fuel injectors spray fuel into the engine. The fuel must be delivered in a precise amount, at a precise time, under precise pressure and in a precise pattern. Pressure can range from 45 pounds per square inch to 45,000 pounds per square inch depending on the engine. When the deposits prevent the preciseness needed, you will likely notice problems with your vehicle.


A professional fuel system cleaning at Babcock Auto Care will help remove the baked on deposits to keep fuel flowing freely and help prevent contamination from reaching your fuel injectors and your engine. You may wonder “what does a fuel system cleaning cost?” and “what exactly does it do?”. The “cost of a fuel system cleaning” will vary depending on which product is used. At Babcock Auto care, we use only the best BG products that come with a warranty if done on the suggested schedule. Typically the cost is around $290. Click here to learn the process and what the product does to help your vehicle.

What might happen if you choose not to have maintenance, like fuel system cleanings performed on your vehicle in Rochester, MN? Allowing them to get clogged up will not only hurt your performance, but it will also cause the injectors to wear out much more quickly than they should. As you may guess, fuel injectors cost a lot to replace in the Rochester, MN area if they are in an irreversible state of baked on deposit repair. The professional Babcock Auto Care fuel system cleaning will keep injectors clean and working correctly. It'll also clean deposits from the inside of the combustion chamber and off the intake valves, giving you optimum performance and mileage. Check with our friendly and knowledgeable service advisors at Babcock Auto Care and see when and how often they recommend fuel system cleaning. 

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