Diesel Service in Rochester, MN

When someone mentions diesel truck around Rochester, they may immediately think of old smoky, loud, worn out diesels from the days of old. But modern diesel trucks are much more refined than in the old days. Diesel engines remain a very popular choice with heavy duty pick-up truck drivers in Rochester, but they are finding their way into nearly every segment of the MN automotive market. Why is that? Well, it’s because of the awesome makeup of the diesel engine.

Diesel fuel contains more energy than the same amount of gasoline. So it takes less diesel fuel to do the same amount of work as gas. Rochester, MN diesel drivers, therefore, get more miles per gallon and lower emissions. The driving experience is also very good with diesel engines. In fact, Rochester residents may not even be able to tell the difference between riding in or driving a diesel-powered vehicle. So what are the factors when deciding whether or not to choose a diesel engine?

One consideration is the price. Diesel engines cost more to build and are an extra cost option for most vehicles. So Rochester residents need to do the math to see how long it will take the increase to pay for the extra up-front cost of a diesel engine. The cost of diesel fuel in Rochester, MN is also a factor. There is no clear correlation between gas prices and diesel prices because the refining and distribution systems are so different. This means that the difference in price per gallon for diesel and gasoline can vary a great deal depending on where you live in MN. Just watch diesel and gas prices for a while (or talk with a diesel truck owner in Rochester) so you can get a feel for how much price per gallon figures into your purchase decision.

Also important to know is your expected use of the vehicle. For example, if you tow heavy trailers or haul heavy loads around Rochester, MN the extra power many diesel engines offer (while getting better fuel economy than a gas engine) may help you make your decision. Your highway/city driving mix may play into the decision as well. Diesels shine in the highway fuel economy department. And the more you drive in a year, the more attractive diesel engines become.

If your vehicle has a diesel engine, remember that it still requires maintenance like your gas-powered vehicles always have. Oil changes, cooling system service, power steering, brakes, tires, etc. – all need to be maintained. There are also extraordinary BG flush services available that keep your diesel truck running well and maintaining the power you originally bought your diesel for. Your friendly and knowledgeable Babcock Auto Care will be able to help you properly maintain your diesel truck or vehicle, helping it last longer and continue to deliver great performance and efficiency.

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Great service and fair price! I went in for specific items to be fixed, they sent me a list of items that needed to be address, but didn't pressure me to do more than I was comfortable with and what I could afford. They fixed the planned items and my car is running well.
Chris Johnson
Love this place. They are honest and extremely friendly. I trust them with my car.
Laury Schalau
These folks know what they are doing. It’s difficult to trust a service provider when you aren’t skilled in the discipline. Very transparent and very clear on cost and benefit. Thank you.
James Rogers

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