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NOVEMBER 7, 2017

As we roll into the colder temps, our service advisors at Babcock Auto Care often hear our customers call saying “my car won’t start” and “what do you think is wrong or how much will it cost to fix”? This is a question other auto repair shops in Rochester, MN and surrounding areas hear as well. Even the best auto repair shop with the best mechanics cannot give you a definitive diagnosis over the phone. The problem can be as simple as a dead battery or as difficult as failure of the camshaft sensor. It could be a problem due to cold weather or just wear on components that just happen to fail on a really cold day.

Because auto repair shops don’t want to guess why your car won’t start it is imperative that you bring it to the shop for diagnosis. Most auto repair facilities begin with starting/charging diagnostic testing. This series of tests usually costs around $50. The technician will perform a series of test to narrow the problem down. Obvious problems like an old battery or poor battery connections or terminals can be the problem—or it can contribute to the problem. If the battery is tested and is below specs, a new battery replacement will be recommended. If the battery is performing well, there is no corrosion on the terminals, etc, the technician will move on to other testing. Depending on the symptoms your car is having, possible reasons for the no-start diagnosis could be: parts failure within the ignition system, alternator, spark plugs (a tune up or regular maintenance can prevent these from failing completely), camshaft sensor, fuel pump, starter, etc.

What is important when you are trying to figuring out why your “car won’t start” is to answer a series of questions so that you can have the information readily available when you call your preferred auto repair facility in Rochester, MN. Have you had work performed on your vehicle recently? Is the vehicle cranking? Do dash lights come on? Is the Check Engine Light on? Is it or has the check engine light been flashing? Do the lights seem as bright as normal? Is this the first time you have experienced your car not starting? Have you had to jump start the vehicle or charge the battery? Have any lights come on recently or has the security light been flashing? Has your vehicle been difficult to start recently and now it is not starting at all? Has the fuel gauge been working correctly?

Do you know what the different warning lights on your vehicle’s dash mean? If you are confused at all, I recommend taking a picture! This way when your auto mechanic asks, you can just show them the picture and not have to decipher the lights on your dash yourself.

Our professional and certified mechanics have the testing equipment, knowledge and know-how to diagnosis why your “car won’t start”. Not only do we take care of your car’s no start problem, we perform Complete Auto Repair—meaning, no matter if it’s under your hood or under your car, no matter the make/model vehicle you drive—Honda, Ford, Toyota, Saturn, BMW, Lexus, Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Subaru, Volvo, Jeep, Volkswagen or any other make, we our expert mechanics will completely take care of all auto repair and maintenance your vehicle requires. Babcock Auto Care is your one-stop shop … Complete Auto Repair with digital inspections and total transparency in the work we do.

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Words from our clients:

"Amazing customer service by Ben. My vehicle had many problems and they were all fixed perfectly and very quickly. The shuttle service was also very helpful to get to a doctors appointment the same day."
Scott Murdock
"All of my vehicles have been serviced at Babcock for many years and they have always done a great job. They follow up after every visit ensuring everything is working as expected."
Chris Lewis
Excellent customer service and friendly staff!! I really like how they keep you posted on what is going on with your car while they work on it. Definitely a new and happy customer!!
Lori Miller
They are super professional, fast and honest. We can trust them and that's what really matters.
Reed Saunders

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