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Why is brake fluid important? When is the last time you had a brake fluid flush? How often should brake fluid be flushed or exchanged? What does a brake fluid flush cost? Let’s discover the answer to these questions.

Calipers on disc brakes operate similarly to bicycle brakes. With the pressure of the hydraulic fluid, brake pistons press the pads against the rotor – creating the friction needed to slow your vehicle down. Brake fluid attracts moisture, especially in areas like Rochester, MN. The moisture reduces the boiling point of the brake fluid, making the brake pedal spongy and stopping ability can diminish. Furthermore, this moisture can cause internal corrosion in the brake lines, calipers, the master cylinder and other components.

A test strip shows how well the fluid is protecting the brake system. If a brake fluid flush is needed based on time, mileage or need (test strip indication). Many auto repair shops recommend brake fluid exchanges every 30,000 miles or two years, but some manufacturers are requiring more often (20,000 miles) in severe weather areas like Rochester, MN because of the harsh winter weather and humidity.

The BG brake service removes all of the old fluid and replaces it with new fluid based on your vehicle’s requirements. This service costs about $110 on most vehicles but may vary. Because brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety system, it’s important to have your brake system inspected regularly and do scheduled maintenance on time.

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