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How do you "keep your cool"? This phrase was coined to speak of keeping calm and composed

with a "cool" demeanor in "heated" situations when tempers or other negative emotions may



What sorts of coping strategies have you developed over the years to help "keep your cool"?

Has it been more difficult for you over the past few months as we have experienced

unprecedented times with so many emotions? Do you feel more on-edge with more negative



I wonder if you have paused to consider how everything has affected you and your loved ones?

In the past or recently, have you developed any habits to help care for yourself on a regular

basis so that during the heated times you are more mentally equipped to deal with them? Are

you getting enough rest, eating well, and exercising? Are you being more careful of what you

are putting in your mind after reading my last article? Are you also helping others in these areas

in order to help them do life better?


"Keeping your cool" in heated times requires preparing for it in cooler times. I am reading a book

called "Rhythms of Renewal" by Rebekah Lyons. She encourages readers to develop good

habits by taking time to rest, restore, connect and create in order to have better emotional

stability at all times. Her advice is refreshing and really something we all can learn from in order

to live life better, "keep our cool" in the heated parts of life, and be intentional about being a

different kind of cool - embracing our authentic self and pursuing our purpose with passion to be

who we are uniquely called to be.


Certainly, we might not have the coolness of "The Fonz" or in today's "cool world" - Billie Eilish.

But if we embrace who we uniquely are, like our shop foreman, Derek (pictured here), who not

only has a cool bike but a cool attitude and demeanor being true to who he authentically is, then

that is the real kind of cool. People who are like this, attract other people who know themselves

and don't put on errs. And this kind of cool becomes contagious with everyone wanting to be a

part of it! So cool!


With all this cool talk, let's talk about the final cool - as in temperature. Are you staying cool in

your vehicle? With the hot and humid air to come this summer, not having properly functioning

air conditioning in your vehicle can affect your coolness factor on all fronts.


If your vehicle air conditioning isn't working well or at all, there are some common causes and

actions you should take to fix the problem as soon as possible - not only for your comfort but

also so the issue doesn't become more expensive in the future.


Most vehicles have the same basic a/c components: compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

Refrigerant moves through these parts as well through lines and hoses that connect everything

together. The refrigerant changes from liquid to gas in order to cool the cabin of your vehicle. Jt

also contains a special oil that lubricates and cools the a/c parts. With so many components

involved any number of things can go wrong.


The first order of business when your vehicle is not blowing cold air - or as cold as it used to be,

is to bring it in for a performance test. The mechanic will inspect the accessible components for

cracks, leaks and damage. They will also evaluate the functionality of the compressor to ensure

it powers on properly.


If the visual inspection and testing of the compressor checks out well, the next step is an a/c

evacuation and recharge. The mechanic will evacuate all of the refrigerant with a special

machine and measure the amount it removes. Your vehicle's a/c system is a closed system -

meaning the refrigerant amount contained in the system should be the amount recommended

by the manufacturer. If the system is low, it indicates a leak.


The mechanic will then refill or "recharge" the system by adding the correct type and amount of

refrigerant of the proper specifications for your vehicle - all vehicles are different in the amount

they require. They will also add dye to the system. Once the system is replenished, the

mechanic will test the system for proper function of the components and will inspect the entire

system with a special light and glasses in order to detect possible leaks.


If there are any parts of the system not functioning properly, those components will need to be

replaced. If everything is in working order, a leak may be detected upon this initial assessment.

However, if the leak(s) are small, they may not be detectable right away. In this case, the

mechanic will recommend driving it for a couple of weeks, watching out for leaks yourself and

returning for later inspection once the dye has leaked enough to be discovered.


If your a/c is feeling cool again, you might just want to ride the summer out without a recheck.

However, the refrigerant has other jobs besides keeping you cool - the oil it contains lubricates

and protects the more expensive parts of the system. If this continues without repair, these parts

could wear out faster,and the leak(s) could cause moisture to seep into the system that may

become corrosive and cause more leaks. This vicious cycle is not "cool" as it could cause you

more time and money in the future.


My best advice where coolness is concerned: #1) Build good habits when your life is cool so

that you can "keep your cool" in heated moments. #2) "Keep your cool" by embracing your

authentic self with confidence and pursue your unique purpose - this is the coolest kind of

person. #3) If your a/c isn't keeping you cool, get a performance test as soon as possible to

"keep your cool" for temperature and pocketbook reasons.

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Babcock Auto Care, without exception has always gone above and beyond in the service of my family's vehicles. Ever helpful, understanding, knowledgeable, and professional are their service reps and techs. Jeremy and Jenna Babcock, and staff, I personally thank you for all you have done to keep our family's cars safe and running on the roads.
Mike Tesulov
Friendly, prompt, and transparent. Available and happy to answer questions on the diagnostic report that they text/email you. They offer further services and explain them well, but do not pressure you to opt for these services.
Brian Johnson
Brian, Thank you so much for your review and your first-time visit to us for auto repair in Rochester, MN! We are passionate about providing excellent service and we are glad you felt that when you brought your 2014 Toyota Tacoma in for an oil change and BG service. Please let us know how we can take care of your vehicle in the future! ~Team Babcock
I feel like family there. You know they really care about you and offer solid advise.
Jason Carey
Your front desk and courtesy car driver are the best. You honor your warranties and that speaks a lot.
Tom Miller
Very happy with the complete service I received. I especially liked the online report of my service with pictures of the service items that need replacement.
Jim Miesbauer

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