Another Holiday Poem by Jeana Babcock 2018

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Tis the Christmas Season, can you believe that it’s here?
It sure seems to come quicker year after year!
We decorate our homes and dash through the stores.
And then there are all of the holiday chores.

Baking of cookies, endless packages to wrap.
Taking the children to sit on Santa Clause’s lap.
Gatherings to plan and fun parties to attend.
Pictures to take and Christmas cards to send.

With all that is on your busy holiday list,
Servicing your vehicle may somehow get missed.
When is the last time your oil got changed?
Or when were your other fluids exchanged?

Fluids protect different systems in your car.
Do you know all the vehicle fluids there are?
There’s the driveline, cooling, power steering and brake.
What about transmission—do you know what’s at stake?

When your fluids get old they cannot protect.
So this is why you need to get them all checked.
Fluids break down based on driving and time.
They lose all their goodness and get filled with grime.

But when you change them every 30,000 miles or so,
The freshness will assure you they will properly flow.
Also there’s a warranty when you start a fluid plan—
Changing them on schedule, in your car or minivan.

Not only will you extend the life of your ride,
With the warranty coverage you’ll have peace of mind.
The best fluids to use are BG—HANDS DOWN!
Because they offer the best protection around.

Enough talk of fluids you know how important they are
For your truck, SUV, van, fleet or your car!
Now let’s talk tires, is your tread depth good?
Are they performing as safe and as sound as they should?

New tires may be needed based on your tire wear.
Have you considered all of the options out there?
Perhaps they are good for the milder weather.
But with snow to come winter tires may be better.

New tires may be needed based on your tire wear.
Have you considered all of the options out there?
Perhaps they are good for the milder weather.
But with snow to come winter tires may be better.

Proper alignment is essential to extend the life of your tires.
But also for the stability that your vehicle requires.
When is the last time you had your alignment checked
To ensure all of the angles are in specs and correct?

Another important wintry decision to make,
Is whether or not it’s time to service your brakes.
With slippery roads and motorists a many,
You’ll be relying on your braking system for plenty.

Your brakes are made up of so many parts.
Getting an evaluation is a good place to start.
All of the components will be properly assessed
So that you will know all that needs to be addressed.

Depending on the parts that should be replaced,
There will be a decision that you’ll have to face.
Do you go with quality or choose the cheaper route?
You get what you pay for—in this, have no doubt.

It’s good to be mindful of all safety concerns.
Things can go bad in driving, stopping, and turns.
So if there are issues, please don’t delay.
Go to your auto shop right now, do it today!

With cold days a coming it’s important to know
If your battery is new or replaced years ago.
Four years is average of when replacement is due.
Perhaps now is the time to purchase one new?

What about corrosion and battery cable connection,
Have you checked these for best winter protection?
You can attempt to perform this service on your own.
Or leave it to professionals and pick up the phone.

Do you hear any noises are there warning lights glowing?
Is your cabin temp cold or has your heat stopped blowing?
Do you have burnt out bulbs or are your wipers leaving streaks?
Is there fluid on your driveway from possible leaks?

It’s common to delay repairs until it’s too late.
And then you become sorry that you decided to wait.
The cold weather to come might make problems worse—
Costing so much more and lightening your purse.

What about the things that don’t cost any dough.
Like obeying the road rules that you already know.
Limit distractions and put your cell phone away,
Whoever is texting won’t mind your delay.

As you are enjoying this great time of year,
Make sure you don’t drive if you drink any beer.
Buckle your seat belt no matter how far you go.
And make sure you drive with more care in the snow.

I am passionate about maintenance and timely service.
And driving safely on the roads even when you are nervous.
But if you know me, what makes me really shine,
Is talking about Jesus—who is the True Vine.

Distractions will come with all there is to do,
But it’s my joy and honor to share what is true.
All of our jobs are to make Jesus proud.
And to share the Good News in our actions and out loud.

So as we celebrate our Lord coming to earth,
We should praise God and know the importance of His birth.
Reflect on the ways Jesus showed us all how to live,
And how He illustrated how to truly forgive.

Is there someone you know that needs forgiveness from you?
What better time to pardon them and mend your heart too.
‘Tis the season of glee to forgive and deeply love,
Since we had the perfect example in our Father from above.

In the coming weeks, may you reflect on all of this,
For our lives lived in Jesus are full of such bliss.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I pray that hope reigns and you’ll be full of good cheer.

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Words from our clients:

These folks know what they are doing. It’s difficult to trust a service provider when you aren’t skilled in the discipline. Very transparent and very clear on cost and benefit. Thank you.
James Rogers
Friendly, Knowledgeable, Beautiful Facility, Owner On Site, Customer Service Reps. - Polite, knowledgeable, answered all of my questions. Courtesy Car Service, Free Coffee. A comfortable place to do business with confidence the service will be done correctly.
Dana Knaak
As always a very fantastic job had all my fluids changed in my Mercedes Benz and also an alignment.
Mike Wilson
Literally saved me from breaking down and not be able to get home. I am grateful for all you guys.
James Terry

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